Schaefferstown Emergency Medical Services Subscription Program

Subscribers to the Schaefferstown Emergency Medical Services (hereafter know as “SEMS”) include the head of the household, spouse and any person 18 years of age and any dependant residing with the subscriber.  As a Subscriber to SEMS, you are entitled to unlimited EMERGENCY TRANSPORTS to a hospital as determined by the weather, provider discretion.  SEMS reserves the right to bill third party insurance carriers for costs associated with the transport.  Persons entitled to this service shall not have any rights or causes of action because of any delay or tardiness or availability of SEMS unit.  Subscription to SEMS may cover services rendered by another ambulance from outside of SEMS service area.  In any given emergency situation, the patient’s Medicare, Health or Auto insurance will be billed.  The carrier may pay a certain percentage of the charges and the policyholder or patient pays the balance.  As stated above, if the policyholder or patient has a current subscription with SEMS, SEMS will disregard the balance due.  Please remember, SEMS DOES NOT provide routine transport, only emergency transports.

By law, there is a criteria, or steps that Emergency Dispatchers (911) must follow when dispatching and ambulance, medics, fire apparatus, etc form information given them through the 911 call.  The criteria for Advanced Life Support (ALS) response along with Basic Life Support (BLS), the ambulance, is as follows:  Severe or uncontrolled bleeding; Rectal bleeding; Severe burns; Cardiac related problems – chest pains, cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, Pacemaker malfunctions; Diabetic problems; Allergic reactions; Trauma – farm accidents, fall victims, construction accidents – ladder, steps, stairs, etc; Poisoning; Overdose; Spinal cord injuries; Seizures; Convulsions; Unconsciousness; Fainting; Drowning; Multiple victim incidents of 6 or more; Entrapment – Vehicle, Building, Cave-in; Farm rescue; Pregnancy; MVA involving bicycle, Pedestrians, Motorcycles.  If the situation requires ALS, a paramedic will assist the ambulance unit with advanced prehospital care.  This advance prehospital care is an additional charge.  Services provided to you are subject to the terms of SEMS subscription program.

If you live in Heidelberg Township or the Iona neighborhoods of South Lebanon Township and have not received this years subscription envelope, please call our office at 717-949-6963.