Ride-Along Program

RAP was created thought the joint efforts of many people, with a special thanks to Dave Bartling at the Emergency Health Services Federation, in New Cumberland, PA and Bonnie Wolgemuth, Heidelberg Township.

Mission Statement of the SEMS Volunteer Ride-along Program
  • To provide an opportunity for persons interested in EMS operations to learn EMS tasks currently handled by qualified EMS staff and for the qualified EMS staff to learn from the RAP volunteers.
  • To augment and enhance the services of the Schaefferstown Emergency Medical Services by encouraging RAP volunteers to eventually join SEMS or other EMS units.

A person who occasionally rides along with the ambulance crew for observation purposes only.

  1. Activities are limited to observing the activities of the EMS department. RAP participants may or may not engage in patient care, but may assist EMS crew in other duties according to individual qualifications.
  2. Activities will be performed under the direction and/or supervision of qualified EMS staff and are limited to degree of qualification of RAP volunteer.
  1. Confidentiality statement must be signed prior to being admitted into program
  2. A desire to learn about the EMS department and to assist accomplishing tasks as assigned.
  3. If 16-17 years old and still in high school, a limit of 4 hours of duty time per day. RAP participants may not go out after 11:00PM on school nights and after 1:00AM on weekends. There are no restrictions during summer months.
  4. Employment certificate and any other required legal document.
  5. PA or Federal law supercede all above.

Prior to participation, the RAP coordinator or his designee must schedule all RAP participation with the Unit.

  1. The participant will have the opportunity to participate in actual EMS operations.
  2. The participant will work in close cooperation with qualified EMS providers to gain valuable fieldwork.
Application Process:
  1. The following must be completed prior to participating:
    1. Application for Program
    2. All legal documents, including Employment Certificate
    3. Authority for Release of Information & Records form
  2. Upon completion, all documents must be presented to SEMS’s designated RAP coordinator or their designee.
  3. All personal background investigations, if necessary will be conducted by the Heidelberg Township (Lebanon County) Police Department to include the applicant’s criminal record, driving record and polygraph, if applicable.
  4. The applicant will go thru the usual SEMS membership process according to SEMS By-Laws
  5. The Applicant will be notified in writing as to whether they were accepted or rejected for RAP
  6. The new RAP member will be issued all standard SEMS uniforms and equipment along with an alerting (paging) device, if available. The participant will be required to sign a Liability/Confidentially form.
Record Keeping:

All original records will be maintained in a personnel file with SEMS.

Computer Access:

RAP members will be given access to the SEMS computer for the benefit of learning the automated trip sheet process.

Dress Code:

RAP members are expected to dress in clothing appropriate to the department and to dress sufficiently to protect from injury. RAP members will be expected to wear issued clothing when appropriate.

Code of Conduct:

All personnel shall behave in a courteous, professional manner at all times while representing SEMS, and more importantly, themselves. Actions contrary to this standard will result in termination from this program.


Any act resulting in termination will be issued in a written letter for the RAP coordinator or their designee after approval from SEMS.

A RAP member wishing to leave the program is required to document this desire in writing and submit to the RAP coordinator or their designee.

Upon termination of the RAP member, all equipment issued to the member shall be returned to the RAP coordinator, their designee or SEMS with ten (10) business days.