Upcoming Con-Ed at Schaefferstown EMS

6/11/2019 – Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies (1 CPC)

7/9/2019 – Evaluation of Patients with Chest Pain (2 CPC)

8/13/2019 – OB Emergencies (0.5 CPC)

9/10/2019 – EMSVO – Safe Backing Practices for Fire & EMS (1 Other)

10/8/2019 – Overdoses of OTC Pills (1.5 CPC)

11/12/2019 – Environmental Emergencies (2 CPC)

*To complete your Haz-Mat Training or Bloodborne Pathogens Training, please visit: PA Train

*To complete your NIMS/ICS Training, please visit: FEMA Training Site

*If you wish to have a particular topic covered in the future, please email education@sems160.com with your request!

*We will offer EMSVO twice per year.  Once in the spring, and once in the fall.